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Name Phone Title Department
BPD Administration   Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Justin Alt 908-766-0037 x231 Sergeant Police
Jay Ambelang 908-766-3000 x159 Council Member Mayor and Council
James Anthony 908-766-0037 x113 Records Clerk Records
Renée Apuzzo 908-766-3850 x114 Zoning Officer, Department Head Zoning and Housing
Peter Archibald 908-766-0037 x177 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Bernardsville Police Archive 908-581-0731 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Cindy Beringer 908-766-3000 x123 Deputy Clerk Borough Clerk
Matthew Brown 908-766-0037 x178 SLEO Police
Wendy Brown 908-766-3000 x140 Administrative Assistant Tax Assessor
Dan Buttel 908-766-0037 x233 Captain Police
Edward Byrnes 908-581-0731 SLEO Police
Mary Jane Canose 908-766-3000 x160 Mayor Elected Officials
John Conway 908-766-0037 Dispatcher Police
Richard Cowan 908-766-0037 x235 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Tom Czerniecki 908-766-3000 x206 Borough Administrator Administrator
Chris D'Amato 908-766-3000 x222 IT Director Information Technology
Andrew DeMaio 908-766-0037 x173 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Tyler DeMott 908-766-0037 x175 Detective Detective Bureau
Jackie DeSanto 908-766-3850 x129 Administrative Coordinator Housing and Zoning
Len Delia 908-766-3000 x127 Manager Roads
Police Department 908-766-0037 x135 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Chris Diacik 908-766-3850 x143 Construction Official Construction and Zoning
Nick Dight 908-204-0661 Maintenance Staff Sewer
Bernardsville EOC 908-766-0037 x125 SLEO Police
Anthony Foley 908-766-0037 x230 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Josh Fowler 908-766-0037 x113 Records Clerk Records
Patrol Generic User 908-204-0661 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Diane Greenfield 908-766-3000 x165 Council Member Mayor and Council
Joe Grego 908-766-0037 Dispatcher Police
Leah Horowitz 908-766-3000 x116 Program Coordinator Recreation
Ken Keleher 908-766-1151 Maintenance Staff Sewer
Chris Kristoff 908-766-1151 Maintenance Staff Sewer
Chris LaPorta 908-766-0037 x172 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Police Lieutenant 908-766-0037 x136 Lieutenant Police
Chris Luckenbach 908-766-0037 x188 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
John Macdowall 908-766-3000 x147 Director of Public Works Public Works
Nancy Malool 908-766-3000    
Alex Mann 908-766-0037 x186 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Tina Markewicz 908-766-3000 x118 Payroll and Purchasing Manager Finance
Bob Markowick 908-766-3000 x112 Director of Recreation Recreation
Jena McCredie 908-766-3000 x251 Council Member Mayor and Council
Kristine McNamara 908-766-0037 x134 Records Clerk Records
Chad McQueen 908-766-3000 x162 Council Member Mayor and Council
Jeff Melitski 908-766-0037 x232 Lieutenant Administrative Services
Rick Mickles 908-766-0037 Dispatcher Police
Glenn Miller 908-310-2522 Deputy Head OEM
Patrick Minardi 908-766-0037 x183 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Joe Mino 908-766-1151 Maintenance Staff Sewer
Naomi Modaferri 908-766-0037 Dispatcher Police
Frank Mottola 908-766-3000 x145 BOA/PB Administrative Officer Construction and Zoning
Saif Naqvi 908-766-0037 x234 Patrol Officer Special Services
Fire Official 908-581-0731 Deputy Fire Official Construction and Zoning
Michael Paradiso 908-766-0037 x239 Lieutenant Police
Mike Phillips 908-766-3000 x126 Mechanic Public Works
Kathy Redling 908-766-3000 x122 Administrative Assistant Public Works
John Remian 908-766-0037 x138 Chief of Police Administration
Cole Rhinesmith 908-766-0037 x174 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Al Ribeiro 908-766-3000 x161 Council Member Mayor and Council
Timothy Richard 908-766-0037 x189 Sergeant Special Services
Leslie Roberson 908-766-3000 x120 Director of Finance and Tax Collection Finance
Rob Rosendale 908-766-3000 x255 Inspector Construction
Ron Salko 908-204-0661 Foreman Roads
Tyler Schwartz 908-766-0037 x176 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Steven Seiple 908-766-0037 x243 Patrol Officer Patrol Division
Tom Shadood 908-766-3000 x151 Plant Operator Sewer
Greg Skinner 908-766-0037 Dispatcher Police
James Stillman 908-766-0037 Dispatcher Police
Anthony Suriano 908-766-3000 x115 Clerk Borough Clerk
Christine Tseles 908-766-3000 x110 Cashier, Asst to Clerk/Tax Collector Finance
Amanda Vaughn 908-766-3850 x119 Housing inspector Zoning and Housing
Terry Vaughn 908-766-3850 x158 Technical Assistant Construction
Doug Walker 908-766-3000 x144 Director of Capital Projects Capital Projects
Christine Zamarra 908-766-3000 x242 Council Member Mayor and Council