Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30
166 Mine Brook Rd

Residential Leaf Collection 2023


See also Leaf Collection Map and Residential Leaf Collection

To assist the Borough Road Department in efficiently performing leaf collection services it is important that residents comply with the following procedures for the placement of leaves:

1. Leaf collection will be provided at least twice on each roadway during the pickup periods which will begin on Monday - October 23rd. Note that pickup will not be made in the 3, 5, or 10 acre zones nor will pickup be made on commercial properties (see map).

2. Leaves will be picked up in two (2) pickup periods and at least one (1) pickup will be made on each roadway during each period. Residents should place their leaves along the edge of the roadway no sooner than October 22 for the pickup beginning on October 23, 2023 and before November 26, 2023 for the second pickup period. Leaf crews will continue making pickups throughout the first pickup period, so please continue to get your leaves out. Note that the leaf crews will NOT return once they have provided one (1) pickup on each roadway during the second pickup period which begins the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 27, 2023. After this time residents must bring their leaves to the compost facility as noted at the bottom of this page.

3. Leaves should be placed in piles no more than five feet wide. Bagged leaves will NOT be accepted.

4. Leaves should not be placed where they may cause a hazard such as on the paved portion of the roadway, on sidewalks, in drainage ditches, on catch basins or in front of fire hydrants or mailboxes.

5. In areas with sidewalks, leaves should be placed as close to the curb as possible, keeping the sidewalks clear.

6. There should be no foreign matter such as rocks, wood chips, sticks, branches, logs, cans, etc. mixed in with the leaves. Piles with foreign matter in them will be left at the roadside by leaf collection crews. Note that leaf collection crews will not pick up brush left at roadside. Residents leaving brush piles in the roadway will be subject to penalty.

7. Leaves should not be placed under bushes, hedges, fences or low trees or in any location that would obstruct the leaf machine from picking up leaves, including along steep embankments, in raised flower beds, etc.

8. NO Leaves should be placed within 10 feet of any storm sewer catch basin grate, in accordance with new NJDEP Stormwater regulations.

Leaves make excellent compost. Please compost wherever possible. If you have a wooded section of your property, please consider moving your leaves into this area.

Residents may bring any amount of leaves to Bernardsville Compost Facility at 150 Pill Hill Rd on Saturdays between 9:00am and 2:30pm before, during and after the leaf collection season. No permits are required, just proof of residency. For questions call: 908-766-3000 #122.