Leasing of Office Space Bernardsville Public Library- Lower Level Suite 103


will be received no later than Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 2:00 p.m., prevailing time, at the Borough Clerk's Office, 166 Mine Brook Road (U.S. Route 202), Bernardsville New Jersey and publicly opened and read in the Council Room at the hour mentioned above.

Proposal forms, Instructions to Bidders, Specifications and other bidding documents may be obtained at the office of the Borough Clerk in the Municipal Building, 166 Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville, NJ.

Bids must be properly and completely executed on the proposal forms furnished with the contract documents. Each bid shall be delivered in a sealed envelope, clearly marked on the outside with the name of the item being bid and delivered to the Borough Clerk's office at the place designated on or before the hour mentioned above.

All bids must be accompanied by a non-collusion affidavit, a statement of ownership, and a certified check, cashier's check or bid bond in the amount of Three Thousand Five Hundred and 00/100 ($3,500.00) dollars payable to the Borough of Bernardsville.

All bidders are required to comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A.10:5-31 et seq. and N.J.A.C. 17:27 for affirmative action programs.
No proposal may be modified, withdrawn or canceled by the bidder for a period of sixty days subsequent to the opening of bids.

The Borough Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to make such awards as may be in the best interest of the Borough of Bernardsville. The Borough also reserves the right to waive any informality in any bid.

Please contact Douglas Walker on 908.766.3850 x 144 should you have any questions.

Sandra G. Jones
Borough Clerk


August 25, 2016 BID OPENING

The Borough of Bernardsville is seeking written proposals to lease Suite 103 (3,452 sq. ft.) of the lower level of the Borough library building located on Anderson Hill Road for use as office space in accordance with the Borough Land Development Regulations and other applicable statutes, ordinances and regulations.

Specifications. The described premises will be leased under the following terms and conditions:
A. Term – three (3) years
B. Per square foot rent amounts should be set forth on the bid proposal for year one (1) through three (3) of the lease agreement. The bid shall be awarded to the bidder whose cumulative bid for all three years is the highest. For example if bidder #1 bids the $27.60 for all three years, its cumulative bid will be $82.80. If bidder #2 bids $27.60 for year one, $28.60 for year two, and $29.60 for year three, its cumulative bid will be $85.80, and bidder #2 would be deemed the high bidder.
C. The successful bidder will be afforded $6000.00 for any additional fit-up of the leased space needed for its tenancy. Alterations to be pre-approved by Borough.
D. Utilities, if not metered separately, will be allocated between the public library on the upper level and the leased premises on the lower level on a cubic yard basis (Tenant’s proportionate share of the lower level shall be 32.87%
E. The tenant will be responsible for 32.87% of real estate taxes assessed on the lower level of the library building.
F. The tenant will be responsible for interior maintenance of the leased space at its sole expense.
G. The Tenant will be responsible for 12.50% of the premises exterior maintenance costs. Exterior maintenance shall include, but not limited to; snow removal, grass cutting, maintenance of the sidewalks and parking area.
H. In lieu of a monthly calculated CAM Fee, Bidder may elect to pay a flat CAM Fee of $1,796.85/month for the term of the lease, in addition to monthly rent.

3. Each bidder must submit a bid for the entire three (3) year lease term in strict compliance with these specifications and the contract documents which are incorporated herein by reference. The failure to conform to all requirements may result in the classification of a bid as irregular and may render the bid subject to rejection. The attachment of any conditions, limitations or ancillary provisions by a bidder to its proposal may also lead to rejection. All bids must be submitted on the enclosed bid form in sealed envelopes addressed to the Borough Clerk of the Borough of Bernardsville and marked “Lease - Suite 103 of Lower Level - Bernardsville Library Building”. All bids including the bid bond, bid proposal and all required affidavits and certifications must be contained in the bid envelope. All bids must be submitted to the Borough Clerk at the Borough Hall, 166 Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville, New Jersey at or before 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 25, 2016. No bid will be accepted after the time and date specified and any bids received after that time and date will be returned unopened to the bidder.

4. The Borough reserves the right in the exercise of its sole discretion to reject any and all bids whenever the governing body determines that the rejection of the bid or bids is in the best interest of the Borough. It likewise reserves the right to waive any nonconformity which does not constitute a substantial departure from these specifications.

5. The bid proposal must be signed in ink. In the case of a corporation or other business entity, the title of the officer signing on behalf of the business entity must be stated and proof must be provided that the officer is authorized to sign on behalf of the business entity.

6. Each bidder must submit the enclosed bidder’s affidavit.

7. Each bid must be accompanied either by a bid bond, cashier’s check or certified check in the amount of Three Thousand Five Hundred and 00/l00th ($3,500.00) Dollars.

8. No proposal may be withdrawn, altered or otherwise modified after it has been submitted to the Borough Clerk.

9. No interpretation of the meaning of the instructions to bidders, specifications or any other contract document will be made to any bidder. Supplemental instructions, if any, will be made in the form of written addenda to the specifications. All addenda must be signed by the bidder and returned as part of its bid package.

10. Acceptance or rejection of the bid or bids shall be made not later than at the second regular meeting of the governing body following the completion of the bidding which is scheduled for September 12, 2016. If the governing body does not accept the highest bid, or reject all bids, all bids will be deemed to have been rejected. Any such award may be adjourned at the time advertised for not more than one week without re-advertising.

11. The form of lease agreement is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

12. All bidders must complete and sign the enclosed disclosure statement setting forth the names and addresses of all stockholders or principals in the corporation or partnership who own ten (10%) percent or more of its stock, of any class or of all individual partners in the partnership who own a ten (10%) percent or greater interest therein as the case may be. If one or more stockholder or partner is itself a corporation or partnership, the stockholders holding ten (10%) percent or more of that corporation’s stock, or the individual partners owning ten (10%) percent or greater interest in that partnership, as the case may be, shall also be listed. Failure to comply with these disclosure requirements will result in the rejection of the bid.

13. The successful bidder may not commence fit-up (plans to be approved by Borough prior to commencement of fit up) or occupy the premises in any way until it has obtained all of the insurance described below nor shall the successful bidder allow any contractor to commence work on the premises until identical insurance coverages have been obtained by the contractor and have been approved by the Borough. The successful bidder and each of its contractors shall furnish the Borough with a certificate of insurance from an insurance company satisfactory to the Borough. Each such certificate of insurance shall identify the coverage provided and shall provide that such insurance shall not be changed or canceled without giving thirty (30) days prior written notice to the Borough by certified mail, return receipt requested. Specific reference to the lease shall be made in all policies of insurance. Each policy shall name the Borough, the Borough Public Library, their officers and employees as additional insureds. The following coverages are mandatory in the amounts indicated:

Type of Insurance        Policy Limits
Tenants’ Liability        $ 2,000,000/incident

$ 2,000,000/person injured
$ 1,000,000 property damage

14. All bidders must include such information as to its financial responsibility and
standing as the Borough may reasonably require. At a minimum each bidder shall
submit with its bid proposal personal and business financial statements for the last
three (3) years. Such financial statements shall have been prepared in
accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applied on a
consistent basis throughout the period indicated. All business financial statements
shall include a current profit and loss statement audited by an independent
accountant. In the case of a bidder that is a corporation or limited liability
company, the Borough may require personal guarantees from the principals of that
corporation or limited liability company. Publicly traded corporations are not subject
to this provision

15. All terms and conditions set forth in the notice to bidders, bid proposal form and draft lease agreement are incorporated herein by reference.

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