Online Forms

New Online Services from The Borough of Bernardsville

Some requests which previously required a paper form can now be completed in your web browser. Borough staff will receive your request immediately and you will be able to track the progress and resolution of your request. Please read instructions carefully and provide all the requested information.

If you want to:

  • Ask a question
  • Offer feedback or suggestions
  • Share a concern or complaint about:
    • Zoning, rental housing, or property maintenance
    • Public Works or Roads
  • Send a message to the Mayor or Borough Council

Use this link:

Citizen Request Online
  • Your name is not required unless you want a reply
  • You can track the progress of your request if you supply an email address (optional)
  • Requests and responses are NOT publicly available online

Other requests must still be submitted using the downloadable paper forms below. If you would like to see an online version of one of these forms, please submit a Citizen Request using the link above. Your priorities are important to us.

Downloadable Forms Are in PDF Format

  • Bernardsville Borough recommends the latest Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, which can view and print these documents without additional software.
  • Apple computers will open PDF documents in Preview. No download is required.
  • You can also download Adobe Acrobat or use the free alternative SumatraPDF for Windows.

Administrator/Clerk Office DownloadOnline
Registration of Vacant/Abandoned Residential Properties
Application for Additional Car or Replacement Decal
Application for Peddler and Transient Merchant Licenses
Bingo Application
Cat License
Citizen's Request Online
Closing Out Sale License
Coin Controlled Automatic or Amusement Device License
Commuter Parking Decal Application
Dog License
Merchant Parking Decal Application
(OPRA) Open Public Records Act - General Request
Raffle License Application
Construction DownloadOnline
Construction Records Clearance App. Residential
Construction Records Clearance App. Commercial
Permit Application Packet Forms
Change of Occupancy Application
Combustion Air Calculation Sheet
Chimney Verification
Bernardsville Certification in Lieu of Tree Removal Permit
Developers Fee Form
Certification Receipt of Wetlands Notice
Fire Prevention DownloadOnline
Bulletin: 2017-1 Carbon Monoxide Detection Installation - All Use Groups
Fire Prevention Requirements
Application for Registration of Business
Open Burn & Recreational Fire Permit Application & Requirements
Application for Certificate of Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide/Fire Extinguisher
Application for Permit
Housing DownloadOnline
Requirements for Smoke alarms/Carbon Monoxide Alarms & Portable Fire Extinguishers
Bulletin: 2017-1 Carbon Monoxide Detection Installation - All Use Groups
Safe Drinking Water Act Rules
Private Well Testing Act Rules
NJDCA Housing Application
Landlord/Tenant Residential Rental Property Registration
Rental Inspection Punch List
Rental Property Removal Certification Form
Make the Truth in Renting Booklet
Truth in Renting - (Spanish Veracidad en Los Alquileres)
Habitability Bulletin
Lease Information Bulletin
Right of Entry
Planning Board DownloadOnline
Site Plan: Application
Site Plan: Conceptual Site Plan Checklist
Site Plan: Minor Site Plan & Preliminary Major Site Plan Checklist
Site Plan: Major Site Plan Checklist - Final
Subdivision: Application for Subdivision-Resubdivisions
Subdivision: Conceptual Subdivision Checklist
Subdivision: Preliminary Major Subdivision Checklist
Subdivision: Minor Subdivision Checklist
Subdivision: Major Subdivision Checklist
Public Works DownloadOnline
Application for Street Opening Permit
Recreation DownloadOnline
Pool Brochure
Swim Lessons
Swim Team
Mayor's Wellness Challenge
Program Registration Form
Pool Registration
Registrar DownloadOnline
Certified Copy Application
Marriage License Application (English)
Marriage License Application (with Spanish translation)
Shade Tree Committee DownloadOnline
Tree Removal Application
Chapter XIII Tree Protection
Tax Collector DownloadOnline
Authorization for Direct Debit - Property Tax
Authorization for Direct Debit - Sewer Charge
Property Tax Deduction For Senior Citizen, Disabled Persons, or Surviving Spouse/Civil Union Partner
Supplemental Income Form for Property Tax Deduction
Veterans Property Tax Deduction Application
Zoning Board of Adjustment DownloadOnline
Instructions and Applications
D-68 Board of Adjustment Application Checklist
Zoning Department DownloadOnline
Bernardsville Zoning Information Map
Drywell Standards
Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Information Form
R-1-10 Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-1 Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-1A Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-2 Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-3 Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-4 Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-5 Zone - Zoning Review Combo Form
R-8 Single Family Attached Residence District
R-10A/R-10B Multi-Family Housing District Ord.
B-1 Business District Ord.
C-1 Commercial District Ord.
OB Office Building District Ord.
I/I-2 Industrial/Light Industrial District Ord.
HD Highway Development District Ord.
Slope Disturbance Sample Analysis
Free Standing Sign Application
Wall Sign Application
Permit for Public Purpose Temporary Sign
Fence Regulations
Stormwater Management Application
Driveway Requirements
Zoning Summary Table
Home Based Business Regulations
Zoning Permit Application
Dumpster/Storage Unit Fees
Sidewalk Sales